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Stress Reduction

Stress can come and go in individuals of all ages. Stress can be the result of a work or life event or change, a change in diet, and/or a change in exercise routine.

Stress manifests itself in many different ways including (but not limited to): headaches, muscle tension or pain, fatigue, change in sex drive, upset stomach, changes in diet, changes in sleeping patterns, anxiety, lack of motivation or focus, irritability or anger, changes in mood, drug or alcohol abuse, withdrawal from society and tobacco use.

Naturopathic doctors will work with each patient to get to the root cause of the stress in a patient’s life. A naturopathic doctor may recommend many different ways to manage stress that could include exercise, change in diet, yoga, meditation, relaxation techniques and the management of tobacco, alcohol and/or drug intake.

Patients experiencing the symptoms of stress may wish to contact a naturopathic doctor to discuss treatment and management.

The Natural Way offers the Stress Less Program.

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